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OK. So Singapore probably had one of the most happening elections ever. And the drama is STILL not over yet.

It is excellent that there are many more QUALITY opposition getting into parliament. The winning opposition GRC team looks like a promising team and I really hope they will deliver.

What really disappoints me is the thought that the enthusiasm shown by young Singaporeans is going to die off by next weekend. In other words, this election is just a fad. Everyone is showing interest just because everyone else is. And almost every young Singaporean seems to be very much against the current government. After the parliament has been announced, things go back to normal. Is this a possiblity?

The young generation is a thinking group of people. But we may also be swayed by our emotions. There are some who feel that there should be a government without PAP. I agree that we cannot empathise with the older generation and feel the same level of gratitude to PAP as our fathers and grandfathers. However, that does not also mean that we should aim to change the govt overnight. I am not saying that all of us have that mindset. Only a handful of us probably. There are those who feel that the PAP is not good at all. Really? It is not a perfect party, I agree. It has many shortcomings, with all the mistakes in security, insane cost of living and housing and the nomination of a seemingly inexperienced young MP, whom I honestly believe should be removed after what she did on Cooling Off day (Did she not breach the rules of the Elections?)

That is why we want more opposition to be in parliament. But please give PAP some credit also. Singapore would not be that stable, prosperous little red dot if not for PAP.

Even now, there are petitions for bi-elections etc. Why? Aren't all Singaporeans entitled to their own opinions? So if just a few more people support the PAP compared to the ever more popular opposition, is that really wrong? Will the petitions really work in the case of choosing a goverment candidate?

I would vote for the opposition hoping that there would be a better exchange of ideas in parliament. I would not vote to overthrow the current government overnight to the hands of charismatic albeit relatively inexperienced people. I say vote for GRADUAL CHANGE.

To all fiesty young Singaporeans, I applaud your enthusiasm and concern for the government. It is of course better than being apathetic towards politics. However do not be pro-opposition or anti-PAP just because it is the Cool thing to do at the moment. That is just dangerous.

Of course i know that not all of us are as such. 
First, there was the Singlish slip. Then, there was the credit card fraud. After that, the de-throned queen accused her supposed successor of telling on her run with the law. Now, it is about the runner-up refusing to represent Singapore.

News has travelled far and wide.

In my opinion, with all this hype surrounding the contest, IF singapore were to send a representative, she had better win it, or at least has what it takes to give a good fight in the contest. Otherwise, I think Singapore should give the Miss World a miss this year, and cross our fingers that the girls competing to represent Singapore next year would be more worthy of winning the crown. I apologise for the lack of a more diplomatic phrase.
There was a Haji. Ever since he came back from the Haj, he seems to be rather pious, especially in the month of Ramadhan. He spends his time awake reciting the al-quran, and terawikh (night prayers). and when he is not doing those, he is either at work, or asleep. He does not lift a finger to help his family with housework, or even to prepare for break fast. This is very wrong. There is an imbalance in his lifestyle. Even though Muslims are encouraged to be more spritually inclined during this holy month, that does not give the excuse of not helping out with the household. I am certain that it is stated nowhere in the quran that 'thou shalt ignore everything else but pray to God in the month of Ramadhan'  I am sure there are quite a number of people who carry out this kind of selfish lifestyle. I would like to change the mindsets of these people, but I am not sure how. I believe that during Ramadhan, one's life should be carried out as per normal, as long as it does not go against the teachings of Islam. and that means, going to work, doing exercise, helping out with the household chores, studying, etc. as how you would if you were not fasting.
I am a Muslim. Not a good one. But i still try to do my five daily prayers, and i try to heed five pillars of Islam (Syahadah, daily prayers, fasting in Ramadhan, Zakat)..i have not performed the Hajj..so thats excluded for now.

I am wondering if it is harram for Muslims to attend parties or gatherings where alcohol is involved. Even if i am not drinking. More often than not, the reason for organising a party is not only for celebration, but also to foster closer ties among each other, be they colleagues or classmates etc. So if i were invited by a colleague to a party, where i know alcohol would be served, would it therefore be sinful for me to attend it? If it is indeed sinful, is it just because of the presence of alcohol?

If i did not know alcohol would be served at the party and found out only upon reaching the venue, am i obliged by the religion to leave?
Or is it ok as long as my conscience is clear?

The reason i am asking is because, i have always felt that as long as i am not drinking, it is ok. Is it wrong to be tolerant? I do not agree with serving of alcohol, but i tolerate it....

To the reader who is trying to help, i truly apologise for my lack of knowledge in this issue and i really appreciate all your comments.

I managed to get some rest, not much but OK, thank you:)

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your perspective on this issue.

Secondly, i would like to give you my point of view to your replies.
"These workers are paid wages better than what they can earn back home, that is if they can even find employment. If they don't come, no sweat as there are others from same or other countries who are in th queue. So what criticality and what nonsensical assertion that Singapore is obligated to them, The reverse is more like it." (Point 1)

-I understand your point why these foreign workers should be 'obligated' to Singaporeans.what i also believe is that Singapore has an obligation to them too. The work that they do, generally construction, keeping the streets clean, and other blue collar jobs, are these the types of occupation that you would want to have or your kids to have? i don't think so. But these jobs are important for the development of your country. So, if Singaporeans don't do it, who else will? you need to rely on the foreign manpower, true?

What i also do not agree with is "that doesn't mean we must all embrace them as though they are fellow citizens or potential citizen-PRs". perhaps i do not quite understand your reason for this. they are currently residing in Singapore, earning wages in Singapore. What if, in time to come, they decide to stay as PRs? Will they still be an annoyance then too? why must there be a difference in treatment?

'Going by what you have said, you cannot be one of many bloggers who have in recent times lamented and sweared on foreign workers for causing overcrowded trains and buses and public spaces. And if you have spare rooms in your house, they deserve to live with you? '
-You are right. I do not blame them for the overcrowded public transport. Why should i? it IS for the public right? Are they not part of the public? And, if you do not want them taking public transport, and they cannot afford cars or licences, how do they travel? On foot? By bicycle? And, at which part of the day are foreign workers the primary cause of the overcrowding? If it is during the usual peakhours, then, shouldn't the blame be put on normal Singaporeans too? Everyone leaves and goes to work at roughly the same time. So, everyone is to blame for that.

there is also a difference between private area and public area. A house is obviously one's personal private area. It is up to the home owner whether he wants to open it up to foreign workers. That is a different matter altogether. I am not asking them to live in your house. But for them not to be able to use public ammenities is a little unfair don't you think? it is already open to the public, let them use it too. if Singaporeans don't want to share these ammenities, then use your own ammenities, transport, etc...

- The major part of the reply talked much on land value and taxpayer's money. I understand how this is a major issue for the residents. However, since i am no economics major, i shall not shoot myself in the toe by rebutting the econs part of the problem. I will just give my take on it. Honestly, it gives me the impression that money and property value is everything to Singaporeans. No doubt it is important. What i find hard to accept is how much the financial issue is overshadowing the lack of empathy, for the workers. With their rise in numbers, new dorms will have to be built to house them. Being a tiny country, where should the government squeeze more than 600 000 foreign workers residing in Singapore? There are already more than 50 commercially-run dorms, excluding other quarters and residential areas all over the island. Apparently these are insufficient.

Furthermore, these dorms at Serangoon Gardens are only temporary if im not wrong? Even if property prices decreases, with the departure of these workers from Burghley Drive in about 3-5 years time, wouldn property prices increase again? Im not sure if the government has assured better prices after the workers have shifted over to their permanent premises, but could that be a compromise between the residents and the government? 

there are always two sides to an argument. in this case, the side of the residents and the side of the govt/workers.  if both sides are able to understand where each other is coming from, the benefits, losses and assurances each side receives before, during and after the dorm is built, i feel that things will not get so heated up. (maybe i would not have gotten so worked up too.)

I have a question. If hypothetically speaking, the dorm is made to house foreign talents, not foreign workers. meaning foreign scholars, professionals(engineers, executives), etc, would that result in land prices dropping too? Would this Serangoon Gardens issue still be an issue? i guess in reality these foreign talents probably would have their own property in Singapore, but hypothetically speaking.

The reason i sounded angry in my post was because i do not understand the reason behind the lack of tolerance of Singaporeans towards foreign workers. I am also wondering if the same lack of tolerance applies to foreign talents. Because, honestly, i see a difference in treatment to these two pools of foreigners. Is it is due to the preconceived notions Singaporeans have on them based on what we see, hear and maybe smell, or have Singaporeans actually faced many many bad experiences with foreign workers, and none at all with foreign talents?

I am not trying to sound like a saint, loving everyone and all creatures, etc. i just feel that Singaporeans are taking foreign workers for granted and are not appreciating them enough. imagine a Singapore without foreign workers?

And now i'm tired. good morning!

So, the verdict is out. Serangoon Garden Technical School is going to be made into a dorm for foreign workers. Not the expatriate kind of foreign workers, commonly Caucasians, with their high class type of culture, wine drinking every weekend, whizzing down the roads of Singapore in a teeny convertible or one of those Lexus MPVs, blah blah blah. No no no...these are foreign workers. Mainly construction workers, i presume, from developing Asian countries, whom most Singaporean shun.

I am writing this after reading the YAHOO news article on the response of Serangoon Gardens residents on the decisioin made to convert the school into a foreign workers dorm. Granted that the dorm will be located right beside their residence, some uptight people will feel a sense of insecurity. But what irks me was the line,

'"I am fed up!" a woman screamed from her car.' 
(http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20081003/tap-077-dormitory-decision-upsets-serang-231650b.html, 5th October 2008). and in general the lines below that too...

Now, why the hell did that woman(interviewed in the news) have to scream. if this happened in Jurong, or some other Middle class estates in Singapore, i am very sure the responses would be much more civilised and rational, less emotional, simply because, i would hope, we are more down-to-earth and understanding. I am just wondering what makes Burghley Drive residents feel they are so special that their residence must not be invaded by foreign workers, unlike other estates in Singapore. Why?? I'm sure the resident are the kind of people with wierd, trying-to-sound-fancy pseudo-Ang Moh names like Clifton, Walter, etc... OK, forgive me for being judgemental..i maybe wrong. i simply do not understand what makes you better than the rest of Singapore.

There simply isn't enough respect for Foreign Workers in Singapore. Their presence is crucial for Singapore's beautiful infrastructure. Burghley Drive people, you sure as hell wouldn't want to work like they (foreign workers) do, would you? Too dirty? Too labor-intensive? I'm afraid my freshly manicured nails will get chipped?

And, just because them foreign workers do not dress up as nicely, talk loudly, or to some, smell funny, the people in Serangoon Gardens, oops i mean, Burghley Drive, (i guess that makes it sound more like an upclass residence huh) cannot and must not be allowed to have contact with them dirty dangerous foreign workers?

I simply do not approve of the childish behaviour of Burghley Drive residents. If you want to move out, as one resident claimed, then go ahead. take all your uppity neighbours with you so you can all drink tea in the afternoons together.

All these foreign workers need is a place to stay. And since the school is vacant and idly taking up space, why not put it to good use. If residents in Jurong and other middle class estates have little qualms about living alongside foreign workers, why should the government make any exception for you people living in Burghley Drive? Because you are more upclass? Kiss My Ass.. you people should learn to appreciate the work done by foreign workers. Without them, you will not have buildings to work in. Your houses wouldn't even be there in the first place. So please, respect them a little. I am sure there are a few residents in Burghley Drive who are not so emotional about this issue..  Kudos to you.

I believe if you respect them, they will respect you in return. Who knows, they may even help you in times of need. Then, YOU will be indebted to them. Hah.

*Haizzz..early morning, piss me off. Sunday morning some more...Haiiyoooooo!!!! Oh well, Good Morning Singapore!!!
So, after 28 years of disagreement, it boiled down to this very day..Singapore got ownership of Pedra Branca, Malaysia got the Middle Rocks. I'm sorry... but how does it affect the commons..like me! Would it lead to undesirable occurrences? or would our lives remain how it is? no difference leh.to me..but then again, im a selfish biatch...i think im too sleepy to write anymore...tired!!..sheesh
i just read the emails sent among the silat presidents. i think there are just too many loopholes. to make matters worse, there are goign to be new competitions.

My humble suggestion is actually to postpone the new ideas to next year;s ivp. then, everyone will have a better understanding of what to expect next year. this year, there were too many surprises. the best of the best, and the artistic creative. dont get me wrong, it is excellent that RP is creative in introducing these new categories. but the other teams need to be informed about this earlier and there must be a consensus to the rules and essential information on these categories. teams are still unclear about the details of these new categories. so why not everyone refine the details after this year's ivp. and next year, perhaps RP can coorganise with the next organiser.  So still, it would be known that RP was the brains behind these new events.

Now, things are too tight to be adding new things. thats what i think lah. perhaps im not much of a risk taker thats why i feel that way. Time is a factor, as what people brought up in the previous meeting. so maybe this year, focus on how to schedule the competition in such a way to minimise all the time constraints. this will help a lot for next year when the new categories will be formally introduced. furthermore, there may be schools interested in theese categories, such as the artistic creative, but the suddenness of this news prevents them from competing. hence, ensuring that this competition will be introduced next year,  gives schools more time to train for it. so, sambutan lebih menggalakkan. furthermore, later this year, MI is organising that Pesta Seni thingy. Which will be a stepping stone for this artistic creative event next year, right? with pesta seni, schools can gauge where they stand, and improve on themselves.

thats just what i think... then again, i am in no position to impose my thoughts on the organisers or TSC or anyone else for that matter.
Today is Wednesday. I went for silat after work. work was kinda tiring. i was going through reading after reading. went shopping for supplies with dr. karup before lunch. and failed to service my computer. so, i had to go to comp center to do work lor. i like...cos i feel like a student. its like i never got out of school. heh. anyways, so i was there for about 4 hours. reading. oh ya..i spent another 3 hours reading before i went shopping. thats like 7 hours of reading!!! thats not all. i read again after praying...for about 1.5 hours. so i did 8.5 hours of reading today. but the last 1.5 hours i spent at the new university hall. sat on the couches which face the stadium. i was all alone there, except for the people walking past. it was cool. totally in my own world. i dont disturb people. people dont disturb me. oh..the reason i went there is because i finally printed out my medical claims and submitted them there. so leceh!!!
ok, so work went fine for today. who knows what will happen tomorrow. the autoclave technician will be there to fix the machine. then friday, dono lah...

anyways, silat training was as usual..scary for me... i have a feeling that the juniors may not like me teaching them. cos i really suck at it. but i am trying lah dammit. the thing is, i forgot my steps quite a lot today. its not the fact that it is embarrassing. its non professional ah. i am supposed to know that crap at the tip of my fingers lor. haizzz... i just hope that the juniors are not pissed off at me. or pissed off everytime they see me during training cos they feel like im wasting their time...

why do i suck so much as a teacher..dammit seh..what am i lacking?

that scares me everytime i go for training.

i realise perhaps i really do suck at silat.

perhaps i should take up something else, chess?
im starting to feel tired all over again. and im not well yet. shucks..its just that i have so many things to do at work. need to do readings at home. which i should be doing..i will do it after i eat.

anyway, managed to watch the bucket list yesterday. it was ok. i expected it to be more heartwarming...i expected to cry. but i didn. no one cried..i think..

but im not sure if it was worth paying 10 bucks. we shouldve watched the orphanage maybe. yes...even though i dont like to watch horror flicks.

was walking home after dinner when i saw a couple of long time never see friends. people change as they grow older i guess. they change much more than i realise. i dont want to change. changing for the worse. i dont want that to happen to me. but i am slowly realising the difficulty to stay the way you are. but if i manage to not becoem a worse person, that is a huge achievement. right now, i think i am ok, relative to what i have seen today. but there is still plenty of room for improvement.  and i know i have much to work on myself. slowly..need to take things easy. sheesh. thats something new. oh well..

i need water..feeling dehydrated now. bye.